Past Life

by Noble Oak



released May 6, 2015

all music written, recorded and performed by noble oak.
original artwork by laurel mycyk



all rights reserved


Noble Oak Toronto, Ontario

['noʊbɫokʰ] / ['noʊ'blok]

space pop / endless drift

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Track Name: Begin to Say
i never was a winner but i tried, i tried
i never could begin it with all i had inside

and when we can communicate i would advise

don’t act surprised

just stay inside

just stay inside

you’ll be alright
we’ll be alright

so much time to waste oh,
i can’t begin to say.

you run away,

the sun, it went out.

i want you to wake up one day

and know that you won’t breathe my life away

take it back for one beautiful day

i show you i love you
and hope you’ll be waiting for me there
Track Name: All I Said
you can’t help the thoughts i wound up feeling
all in a state i can’t escape
the world has taken away from the
feelings i just can’t ignore

when i was aligned

i felt so undermined
i felt so lost and all
i said
was goodbye

Track Name: No Air
i hold my own 

i do it well

i don’t take no for an answer

i play calm to find a better way

oh fall apart as i might

then tonight, everything

i couldn’t bother for...
you have nothing else so you know
 this is your last chance

to break out

of your shell
Track Name: Hyperion
will i ruin myself again?
will we ever learn or do we just pretend? oh stop....
i’ll never see past you
i’ll never know why i’m here
i’ll never look for a thing more than you
Track Name: This Wave
you’re what i see when i close my eyes
hold me inside ’til the day i die

but i won’t know ’til i try it

seems now i just can’t hide it

oh this wave that we love

it’s the only thing i know
take my heart it is yours

i give everything to you

oh this wave it takes me

to the only place i know

i won’t leave i can’t sleep

’til i know i have you here

(you know/sometimes) you have to let go
Track Name: Walk On Me
thought i could stay with you forever
i could not
thought i could break the rules forever
i could not
what have i learned down here alone without you?

to hold my tongue and freeze my mind
just close your eyes

promises i break i know i won’t escape
even if i try i know inside
Track Name: Coastline
i am every step that you wanted to
but just couldn’t take
i am all the pieces you wanted
you wanted to save
maybe i’ll be back in your life but
i know it’s too late
the things i would say to you now if i could

this isn’t over, you know
nothing ever is
this isn’t over, you know
another time that i fell too fast, i know it well
change your mind sometime
for me why don’t you
Track Name: Moonlight
you work so hard you give me everything i wanted and more
you sacrifice all the people i would hold at the door
when you walk you wave your hand you wander to the places i go
feels so right to me, i fell asleep in your arm too.

this cannot happen
this cannot wait in my heart this cannot happen
this cannot be where i was
i won’t turn this off you’re in my head

i guess it’s in the way i feel
i may never go to you like that
and now it’s in the way i never
uncover you, i was not sure....