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since i plan on making this one a physical, let's do it right:

Views is what i hope will reflect a more accurate direction of my work in this particular project, whereas No Bloke was mostly just me dipping my feet into the internet pool. as of today, december 29th 2011, i have been working on the Noble Oak project for one month and twenty-three days. your reception of it in this short time has been immensely motivating and i intend only to keep moving forward with it. maybe into different sounds. maybe even a different project.

both that album and this one could not have been and will not be finished without the help of:

Adam W - thanks for letting me steal your Rhodes indefinitely.
Chris J - thanks for letting me steal your Strat indefinitely.


released March 5, 2012

Noble Oak - everything



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Noble Oak Toronto, Ontario

['noʊbɫokʰ] / ['noʊ'blok]

space pop / endless drift

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Track Name: Laminar Suntails
feels of a spark
i never dream of anything else
but who will my angel be
take it or fall asleep alone

gone are all the places i've been in the past few days
maybe if i try real hard i'll get there, some way.